Tom Binder

I grew up loving the smell of turpentine. I enjoyed watching my artist-Mother Elaine Binder create her amazing originals. My deep love and appreciation of Art came from her and has grown over the years. Yes, I did try my hand at creating and still like to dabble a bit today.

Collectors Tom and Alexander with collectors
Tom London 2015
Tom London 2015 Honored to be on board of new non- profit Artistic....with fellow board members and Artstic Artists at a Pub
Tom and Alexander
Tom and Alexander
Tom Tom teaches spinning classes, loves cycling, the outdoors and a healthy active lifestyle
Tom Tom at Van Gogh Museum
Alexander Alexander Chan in Tallin Estonia
Turbo - Mascot
Turbo - Mascot Turbo our rescued Bunny
Tom Tom with Jay Leno
Tom & Family
Tom & Family
Tom Europe   2015
Tom Europe 2015

 We specialize in promoting our artists by utilizing our printing, marketing and distribution capabilities, which are then tailored to the individual artist needs. This unique three-tiered tailoring process in many ways is the foundation of our continuing success.

Tom Binder Fine Arts / Alexander’s World maintains a prescence at Art Expos and Shows, works as a wholesaler and open to License a variety of Artists.

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My love of Art and Nature came from my Artist -Mother, the late Elaine Binder. 












I was fortunate to forge a bond with the immensely talented Alexander Chen, whose story - from rural China to worldwide success has truly been an amazing adventure. Alexander's colorful landscpes of our bustling cities and beautiful countrysides and national parks

have touched many people. Our relationship has evolved beyond agency and artist -I  am proud to call him a dear friend


My love of Art takes me to all the major conventions and when possible I travel with a goal of seeing masterpieces. This summer of 2015 was really wonderful - I visited the spendor of St Petersburg, took in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and I was honored to be chosen for the Board of the new London based charity - "Artistic"....a truly worthy cause to support young Artists with Autism.

Artistic's vision is to create a vibrant independent community of young artists living and working together.